The analysis of a strategic investment decision in our enterprise was the reason I first contacted Roberta Rio (PhD) in 2017 and we have been working together ever since.

Roberta worked on this question for the Andechser Scheitz Dairy in a completely new way. She brought the enterprise into a living context with the environment, the company’s aims, and the historical development of the location where we are based.

According to Roberta’s knowledge and her scientific findings the energy and information of a place are stored over many years, centuries and millennia, and are carried over into our times. This information needs to be recognised and taken into consideration in a holistically conceived entrepreneurial management. The result of the investigation was that the investment would not contribute to the overall development of the company in the way required.

Since then I have worked with Roberta in a management coaching relationship. She supports me in formulating strategic objectives and appropriate ways to implement them. Her work is oriented towards a holistic running of the company in which all sectors are considered.

The formulation of strategic, long-term objectives together with consideration of the exceptional challenges of our times, such as climate change, sustainability and efficient, responsible use of resources of our Planet, were all newly defined in the strategy process and as a result the strategy of the enterprise has become more clearly oriented. With Roberta’s support, our work was particularly distinguished during the implementation of the strategic objectives in operative measures. Thanks to this the company management’s practical questions were reflected on, brought into context with the strategy of each individual step of the process, and evaluated.

From the beginning of our collaboration, new possibilities, such as business fields and networks, have opened up for me, and I was able to understand how they are connected to the work with Roberta. For many years I have been working with a sustainable enterprise development in view, and now, due to collaboration with Roberta, we have succeeded in bringing this work to the public attention, where it has been noticed and given due recognition.

Barbara Scheitz



The Andechser Scheitz Dairy is a modern, medium-sized family-run company located in Upper Bavaria / Germany. The products of this organic dairy from Andechs range from the finest yoghurts and fruity-fresh yoghurt drinks to the tastiest cheese delicacies and a fine selection of goat milk products.

Our ANDECHSER NATUR organic products – true to the credo “Leave natural things natural“ – are made exclusively from the best raw materials, with no artificial additives or flavourings and without genetically modified substances. Even so the company processes around 115 million kilos of cow milk and approximately 9.4 million kilos of goat milk annually. This precious organic milk is supplied by a total of 630 organic milk farms, certified by the union, with whom the dairy works in a trusting and equal partnership.

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