Dr. Roberta Rio

Austrian historian and dancer. She has a doctorate in History (PhD) and a Degree in Palaeography, Archiving and Diplomatics. She is member of the German Federation of Historians. CEO of the United to Germany GmbH.

Visiting Professor at various universities (Berlin, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Linz, Innsbruck, Glasgow, Athens, Oldenburg, Milan, Bologna etc) and European institutions.

She has been studying the functioning of thought together with the Italian engineer Francesco Alessandrini since 2012. She carries out comparative and interdisciplinary studies, combining science and art, history and dance, theoretical research and practical application, which have allowed her to reach a new level of experiential knowledge, full of rich discoveries and revaluations.

As a historian she proposes a radical renewal of the historical method to keep pace with the times and the present evolutionary phase of the human race. It is that which she calls the Historical Method of the Third Millennium or the New Historical Method.   

With this in view she has elaborated, among other things, a new way of historical inquiry called historical-intuitive method, presented at the University of Glasgow in 2011, in which the use of objective traditional historical method is combined with intuition gained in a state of superconsciousness. With this an interpretation of artefacts and events is accomplished, which is out of reach using classical historical methods.

As a dancer she has developed Sacred Dance by Roberta Rio®, a method in which she applies information from the New Physics / Third Millennium Physics to dance.

She hold lectures and seminars und she is the author of numerous articles and books in English, German, Italian and Greek.

Some recent publications

She has two joint websites with Francesco Alessandrini, one more general in which they collect their experiences and communicate the dates of experiential courses: www.voyageindestiny.org. The other is exclusively dedicated to the Third Millennium Physics: www.thirdmillennium physics.world