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It is my profession and vocation in life to analyse places where people live (house, office) and where enterprises are located. The close connection between people’s physical health, the smooth functioning of their relationships and business affairs and the place in which they live and work is still unknown to most. However, it plays a crucial role.

I believe that intervening at this level is a “conditio sine qua non” (an indispensible action). Without this knowledge many interventions to improve people’s health, heal a relationship or help the success of a company materialise are nothing more than palliative. The analysis of place, or better,  knowledge of the spirit of place (genius loci) gets to the root of the problem. Even “simply” becoming aware of these aspects allows one to get tangible results of long duration. It concerns extremely ancient knowledge which can help us in a significant way in this crucial phase in the history of humanity, be it at an individual or collective level.

See the book Topophilia Effect.

My kind of intervention comprises the following modalities:

  1. Analysis of places, private houses, offices, buildings
  2. Teaching activities and/or courses at companies/enterprises, universities and institutions
  3. Individual coaching
  4. Lectures
  5. Surveys
  6. Researches
  7. Authoring activities
  8. Artistic performances

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