The Creative Power of Thought with/by Dr. Roberta Rio

Practical Seminar for groups of up to 7 participants. It can also be run as individual coaching.  

You want to lead a fulfilling life. You want to develop, live out your abilities, have happy relationships and stay healthy. You have already imagined all the great things you want to do but then there were difficulties… The way was more complicated than you thought. You know you have the abilities to do your job successfully, have a happy relationship and be healthy but all of a sudden everything seems to go wrong…

So what happened?

Carl Jung said: «Until you become aware of your unconscious (mind), it will control your life and you will call it fate…»

Did you know that reality is created by our imagination? Science confirms this: our lives are not controlled by our conscious wishes and intentions but by our unconscious.

Our thoughts are actively involved in creating the world that we experience. So a change in our beliefs has a powerfully transforming effect on our world.

  • What unconscious traumas and beliefs are holding you down, powerless?
  • What is stopping you, living out your true abilities?By the end of the day this practical seminar will enable you to answer the following questions.

Who is at the steering wheel of my life? How can I lead my life cheerfully?

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